JG Benhoff provides both commercial and residential concrete services. We pride ourselves with the knowledge of providing a structurally sound and long lasting concrete job.

All concrete work depends on four factors:

  1. Strength of concrete
  2. Condition of subgrade
  3. Expansion and contraction joints
  4. Finishing and curing

Strength of Concrete

The strength of concrete is directly related to thickness and type of the concrete being installed. The concrete strength is also related to reinforcement. This is welded wire fabric, rebar or fibermesh. We will use fibermesh in light duty concrete and rebar/welded wire fabric in heavy duty concrete. The differing strengths of concrete and the type of reinforcement will increase with heavier traffic and reduce with lighter foot traffic.

Condition of Subgrade

The subgrade is the most important part of a long lasting concrete structure. The soil is prepared and compacted to support a structure or pavement system. Our company has the knowledge and ability to compact, proof roll, recognize and repair poor subgrade conditions. Normally we don’t add undercutting in a bid. There are too many factors that contribute to a poor subgrade condition. In new construction we will suggest the proper thickness of stone and concrete for the application to withstand the stated loads.

Expansion and Contraction Joints

Positioning of Expansion and Contraction Joints are critical in trying to make concrete crack where we want it to crack, not where it wants to crack. The placement of the EJ and the CJ is crucial in Maryland because of the amount of freeze thaw cycles. If not placed correctly the concrete will crack and cause the subgrade to fail prematurely. In some case we will suggest the use of caulking. This gives an elastic barrier to moisture to keep the subgrade from failing.

Finishing and Curing

Finishing concrete is the leveling, smoothing, consolidating and otherwise treating surfaces of fresh or recently placed concrete or mortar to produce desired appearance and service. By adding to much water to the surface during the finishing process, reduces the hardness of the surface and flaking of the concrete will occur. After the finishing process, both brooming and curing of the concrete will reduce the flaking when using salt for snow and ice reduction.

ADA Compliance

The ADA rules for HC personnel are regulated by 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Each public facility shall be constructed in such a manner that the facility is readily accessible to and useable by individuals with disabilities. Our expertise and knowledge is in both new construction and existing conditions of being compliant with the ADA rules. The importance of being ADA compliant is knowing that your place of business will not have an incident and be put through legal battles that could have been prevented. All parking, walkways, ramps and entrances have specific tolerances to be in compliance. Should someone in a wheelchair or on crutches fall or have an accident on your property the consequences are staggering.

Commercial and Residential Concrete Services

Roadways, aprons, curb & gutter, walkways, handicap ramps, steps, mow tables, driveways, steps, patios


Great to work with!

Jake was great to work with, offered options for the work that helped to deliver what I had in mind at a reasonable price, and then stayed on top of the work to make sure that what we had spoken about was actually done. The result of the project was completely in line with my expectations and showed workmanship of high quality. As you can tell, I was very pleased with the result of this project and would definitely recommend them to others and use them myself for any future needs.
-John T. in Sykesville, MD

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